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Reviews (9)

Ajay Choudhare - Verified Client
The lawyer gave me the right guidance.
Mar 22
Shikha Kothari - Verified Client
The lawyer gave me the right guidance. The lawyer helped me in taking the right decision going forward.
Nov 14
Swapnil Rai - Verified Client
The consultation was helpful.
Jan 31
Capt. Rumi Engineer - Verified Client
The meeting was excellent and the advocate is approachable.
Jul 28
Neha - Verified Client
The advocate was very humble , listened matter patiently and explained well about it.
Jun 28
Vikas Y - Verified Client
The consultation provided was quite useful and suggestions were convincing.
May 29
Nishant - Verified Client
As it was first consultation, meeting went quite well, he provided us with appropriate details related to case. Also, I'ld like to further approach him as per my case demands.
May 26
Varoon Damodaran - Verified Client
Consultation was fine . I am satisfied with it.
Apr 26
Snehal Bhatt - Verified Client
I wanted a "womans" perspective and hence i had chosen another.
Jun 15
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