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Reviews (10)

Mr. Shukla - Verified Client
very understanding and kind
Jan 09
Shilpi - Verified Client
The lawyer was an expert in my legal issue. The lawyer gave me the right guidance. The lawyer helped me in taking the right decision going forward. guided to a way forward and stayed connected.
Nov 17
Shobhit - Verified Client
The consultation was good. She explained the solution to my problem very well. She is a good advocate.
Aug 09
Savitha - Verified Client
The advocate was very cooperative, helpful and is approachable.
Aug 08
Alok T - Verified Client
Thank you Sonia, your legal notice followed with telephone call helped in resolving the case. Recovered the money from the land developer. Thank you LawRato
May 11
Gayatri Mohanty - Verified Client
Consultation was very nice . Gave me the proper solution.so it was satisfying.
Apr 21
Sharan K - Verified Client
"I have consulted Sonia a couple of times w.r.t. family disputes, Case resolved out of court with her help. Very satisfied with the counselling and resolutions" 
Apr 18
Rajesh M - Verified Client
Sonia is a well connected lawyer & keeps everything moving smoothly. I've consulted Sonia for matters related to Family and Finance and very satisfied with the resolutions.
Apr 06
Rakesh Gupta - Verified Client
Very helpful lawyer and gave answers to all my queries.
Aug 13
Rashmi - Verified Client
The consultation was successful.
Aug 03
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