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Shark Asifali - Verified Client
i would like to thank for your firm . Conversation with lawyer as below Me: (7.00pm ind time), hellow is adv. Abbas Hussain sir Law: yes , Me:I was giver your no to discuss my issue Law: u have to pay my consultation Me: I paid already 1000 rupee for lawrato firm to vonsult you Law: it is their fee not my fee Me: sir, I don't know about ur consultation fee If , u don't want to here my issue , I don't continue sir Law: no , it's ok u tell briefly about ur issue , usually I don't speak without paying fee , Me: I briefly discussed my issue about my wife it sending my daughter to school , so what legal option I have ?? Law: we can send a legal notice through me , if respond is ok , if not I have to go through the court notice to her My fee for sending legal notice is 5000, & my consultation full & final is 5000 , if I climb the steps of court for counter& petering I will charge u separately for that ,,so on Me: inshallah , i will think , if u can give me some discount on fee ,, I will think of that ,, Law: it's final ,, I cont make any discount , first Iam telling u , my fee for consultation 5000, legal notice 5000 & if I climb the steps of court for Petetion , I will charge u separately for that Me: ok sir , I will think about ,, thank u very much for your time MY CONCLUSION : by the time my daughter go school I may have to pay more than 40000 rupees & or more .according to him almost .(so, my daughter school fee is far more less than the amount I pay lawyer by the time she go to school through the lawyer ) This was my experience ,, thank you for asking feedback DR.SHAIK ASIF ALI
Apr 18
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