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Reviews (4)

Rajneesh Kumar - Verified Client
The lawyer gave me the right guidance. Her way of looking at my 'likely' divorce-situation was highly encouraging to me, as I had been hugely stressed out due to not knowing the possibilities w.r.t. my contested divorce petition. I surely would like to have 'her legal services' only, if I could make my final decision about going for divorce petition. Thumbs up for her intelligent & professional demeanor !
Jul 05, 2017
Aruna Gangal - Verified Client
Consultation was good enough. All my questions were patiently answered by her. Now the case has been resolved but if I ll need a lawyer in future I ll definitely reach out to Adv Rekha.
Aug 18, 2016
Dr. Ina Jain - Verified Client
It was a very good consultation, I am completely satisfied. I am definitely taking my case forward with the advocate. Thank you LawRato for recommending me Adv Rekha Aggarwal.
Aug 13, 2016
Vikas Gupta - Verified Client
The consulation was helpful and she was able to give me an appropriate suggestion.
Apr 26, 2016
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