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Reviews (6)

Amit Luthra - Verified Client
It was an excellent meet, lawyer is knowledgeable and cooperative too.
May 25
Tushar Gandhi - Verified Client
Consultation was good . She guided me well .
May 13
Yasmin shah - Verified Client
Meeting was satisfying and nice .
May 11
Abhay - Verified Client
It was my pleasure that i had consultation with advocate Richaa Kapoor. She handled my case in a very efficient manner.
May 26
Rohit Kumar - Verified Client
we paid for 1 Hr. But, she hardly has the time. She wrapped up the discussion with-in 20 minutes. She was in a hurry as if she was obliging us.
Jul 03
Pradip - Verified Client
The lawyer was not an expert on my issue.
May 18
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