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Reviews (6)

Vishal - Verified Client
I was very skeptical because being a layman there is always an uncertainty in legal proceedings. Thanks to Mr. Gupta & his polite but effective approach that I got my comfort in the very beginning. He is more like a friend and less like a lawyer.
Jan 03
Anindita - Verified Client
Thanks for recommending Advocate Gupta.A genuine expert, with impressive knowledge and experience.He helped us solve our problem in a warm and unassuming manner.
Nov 22
Sandeep - Verified Client
Advocate has given the proper and right guidance to me, case has been solved.
Oct 05
Nitin sharma - Verified Client
The advise provided by advocate was very helpful.
Jun 27
Akanksha - Verified Client
Consultation was nice .I am satisfied with it .
May 13
MANOJ wadhwani - Verified Client
The consultation was good enough.
Jun 26
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