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Reviews (7)

Manoj Sharma - Verified Client
he was very polite and answered all my queries very patiently.
Jul 15
Viswanadh G - Verified Client
The lawyer was an expert in my legal issue. The lawyer gave me the right guidance. The lawyer helped me in taking the right decision going forward.
Mar 12
Ajit M - Verified Client
The lawyer gave me the right guidance.
Oct 24
Pragya - Verified Client
I got all the answers of my queries. Thank you advocate Pradeep.
Aug 13
Pratibha - Verified Client
The lawyer gave me good advise and helped me a lot in solving my queries. I advised other people also to get the legal assistance from LawRato if they need.
May 25
K Dhana Lakshmi - Verified Client
It was good all my queries were solved next year will consult him back for our property case
Jan 21
Sanjay - Verified Client
The lawyer did not give me enough time.
Feb 10
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