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Reviews (8)

Munish - Verified Client
it was a good consultation. She was able to understand my problem and guided me well over phone
Aug 05
Dr Indur jaisinghani - Verified Client
The consultation was good. She was able to understand my problem and suggest me an appropriate solution.
Jul 26
Rajeshri - Verified Client
Best Legal Advice given to me. A very good human who has a eye to understand the problem and provide effective solution. Would recommend others too. Rajeshri
Jun 07
Jasika Rupesh Patle - Verified Client
Consultation was great . It was helpful and satisfying .
Apr 28
Sushma Khare - Verified Client
Advocate Pooja was very knowledgeable and dealt with the matter with a keen interest. Consultation with her was very useful.
Apr 19
Swati R - Verified Client
The advocate was very helpful. Looking forward to taking my case ahead with her.
Apr 05
Rajeev - Verified Client
The lawyer was an expert in my legal issue. The lawyer gave me the right guidance. The lawyer helped me in taking the right decision going forward.
Dec 30
Susmita Samanta - Verified Client
Consultation was nice and satisfying.........
Apr 20
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