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Reviews (4)

Harad - Verified Client
Pulkit as a lawyer understood my case patiently and gave me perfect legal advice which was substantiated by legal provisions as well. I had experiences of dealing with lawyers in the past as well but no-one could tell me the correct legal position applicable in my case as a party to the partition suit. Kudos to Lawrato's team as well for connecting me to Pulkit Agarwal who I believe has a phenomenal legal acumen. I feel mesmerised that Lawrato has such a professional system of making me interact with the lawyer and I would surely recommend Lawrato as well as Pulkit Agarwal Advocate to others seeking legal solutions.
Sep 04
preeti narain - Verified Client
Consultation was so good . It was helpful and satisfactory .
May 01
Raghav Sharma - Verified Client
Charged his consultancy 1000 without informing prior by lawrato or adv.pulkit and no such consultancy he gave regarding our queries just assured that he knows the work and can do it with the package of 1.75 lakh which was irrelevant and baseless...it is all your company fault you people should have informed me earlier about the charge he asked me I was unaware of it and he forced me to give his consultancy...I am dissatisfied with your work I'll really see all measure to update everyone about your company fraud that are misleading people...I have evidence of that too...thank you
Mar 20
niraj - Verified Client
The lawyer could not help me with my issue.
Feb 14
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