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Harshal Shah - Verified Client
Terrible, Aweful and Abusive lawyer and don't know how to talk with client. He took my money by ripping off. Initially, he rip me off by saying that you have to pay additionally 15% of more fee because lawrato fee is mandatory including my charge. I called lawrato to confirm that is there any fee of yours, they denied it. I was in so much need that time for help so i haven't fought with him but later on i found out he took money illegally from me. Till date He was working on my case but never keep me updated and if you email, message or call him he will return the call. I have screen shot about his abusive way of talking to his client. I can share. Please don't hire this lazy and unprofessional lawyer who does not know how to treat and work with client. Additionally, he will rip you off with nonsense so called 15% lawrato fee.
Jan 01
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