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Reviews (10)

Manjunath - Verified Client
Tanushree advocate understood me very clearly what i wanted , i am really thankful to get such a good lawyer. I really suggest Tanushree lawyer since she answered me very well and i am very confident now.
May 26
Swathi Kesari - Verified Client
Tanushree was extremely friendly and helpful. She answered all questions I had in mind very clearly!
May 06
Sreeraman - Verified Client
She was good. I am very happy with the way she talked to me and gave me confidence. I got all my answers. She was down to earth and she was concerned. She gave a personal touch to it for which I was very grateful.
Apr 29
Arijit - Verified Client
The consulatation was really helpful for me, it was a good experience.
Apr 26
Soumajit - Verified Client
The consultation was good.
Apr 26
Krupa Tomar - Verified Client
Very helpful lawyer and gave answers to all my queries. Excellent experience.
Apr 01
Philip - Verified Client
The lawyer was an expert in my legal issue.
Feb 15
Avinash Jha - Verified Client
it was a good consultation.She was courteous and polite. She helped in the best way possible.
Jul 29
Milli - Verified Client
It was a good consultation. I am satisfied with the services LawRato provided.
Jul 21
Sahil Saeed - Verified Client
Good Spoken and very knowledgeable.
Jul 14
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