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एडवोकेट चित्रा भानु गुप्ता

4.7 | 25+ रेटिंग
साल्ट लेक, कोलकाता
15 साल
कानूनी विशेषता:
अपराधिक + 3 और
  • डाइवोर्स / तलाक,
  • तलाक के नोटिस का जवाब,
  • तलाक का विरोध,
  • दहेज़ / मार-पीट / उत्पीड़न,
  • बच्चो का संरक्षण,
  • विवाह पंजीकरण / न्यायालय विवाह,
  • वैवाहिक वित्त / संपत्ति के मुद्दे,
  • प्रॉपर्टी चेक / पुष्टिकरण,
  • पारिवारिक संपत्ति विवाद,
  • पुष्तैनी प्रॉपर्टी का ट्रांसफर,
  • बिल्डर देरी / धोखाधड़ी,
  • तलाक / विवाह सम्बंधित,
  • सम्पति की विरासत,
  • उत्तराधिकारी प्रमाणपत्र,
  • पुश्तैनी ज़मीन का बटवारा,
  • उधार की वसूली,
  • कानूनी नोटिस का जवाब,
  • नौकरी से निकाला जाना,
  • प्रमोशन / पेंशन सम्बंधित,
  • छेड़छाड़ / उत्पीड़न,
  • वारंट के लिए वकील,
  • गलत गिरफ्तारी,
  • जमानत सम्बंधित,
  • FIR दर्ज करना / रद्द करना,
  • धन सम्बंधित धोखाधड़ी,
  • पैसे के वसूली,
  • उपभोक्ता शिकायत मुद्दा,
  • यौन उत्पीड़न,
  • समझौता सम्बंधित,
  • कंपनी हिस्सेदारी सम्बंधित,
  • तलाक/ विवाह सम्बंधित,
  • प्रॉपर्टी सम्बंधित,
  • चेक बाउंस,
  • बिल्डर द्वारा धोका,
  • सहमति से तलाक,
  • रेरा,
  • एनआरआई संपत्ति मुद्दा,
  • एनसीएलटी / एनसीएलएटी में शिकायत,
  • एनआरआई तलाक,
  • ,
  • ,

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Reviews (10)

Anil - Verified Client
The lawyer was an expert in my legal issue. The lawyer gave me the right guidance. The lawyer helped me in taking the right decision going forward. Very efficient lawyer, just what I needed living in London to pursue a bank staff siphoning off my money from my account.
Feb 28
Anil - Verified Client
The lawyer was an expert in my legal issue. The lawyer gave me the right guidance. The lawyer helped me in taking the right decision going forward. Excellent lawyer, is proceeding with my case to the Consumer Court in Kolkata. Gives me every confidence that he will conclude my case successfully.
Feb 07
Nadine Kreischer - Verified Client
First of all I would like to compliment LawRato on their exellent and commited service! I had booked a phone consultation with Mr. Gupta, since I needed advice on how to proceed after I had received divorce papers from my husband in India. Advocate Gupta was very helpful. He patiently listened to me and answered all my questions. He also took the time to go through the divorce papers and give me advice via e-mail. I can strongly recommend this lawyer.
Dec 06
Nirjan Saha - Verified Client
Mr Gupta is very effective and transparent professional lawyer. It is a privilege to have our case handled by him, which in turn resulted in actions on right direction.
Nov 29
Col. Nandi - Verified Client
So far satisfied, Adv Chitra Bhanu Gupta has now given an appointment at 10:00 AM on 12.10.18 at Kolkata for detail discussion. I shall update after the meeting.
Oct 05
Ananya Das - Verified Client
Short precise and very nice explanations provided.
Sep 14
Pratibha - Verified Client
He is such a knowledgeable advocate who listens to you patiently and answer your querries to the point without keeping monetary gains in mind. He is really a genuine advocate who makes you feel that he is there with you to sail through this situation.
Sep 06
Narendrakumar Chauhan - Verified Client
Response by advocate fine
Jul 09
Ratul - Verified Client
One of the best knowledgable and non money minded lawyer who gives genuine advice.
Jun 28
Ratul - Verified Client
Have spoken with multiple advocates before speaking with Advocate Gupta and found him as a very knowledgable and more importantly helped in understand in a very simplistic manner the way ahead. I feel he guides his client without the monetary aspect in mind and a very straightforward yet amiable personality.
Jun 28
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