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Reviews (2)

Vignesh V - Verified Client
Apr 14
Amit - Verified Client
I paid Rs 1770 online for consulting Mr Kaviyanathan D. I suppose with this fees paid, it includes the consultancy with the advocate. I asked him to verify my documents for a property I am buying. He asked me to send document, which I sent. He asked for hard copy, I send the same. Then after few days, he asked me to send some more supporting document, I sent. After a month time approximately, he said report is ready, I can collect it. And in October 2018, He sent me an invoice of 5000 rupees. I did not pay. Yesterday he has sent me a notice saying that I have to pay, Rs 5000 + interest + Rs 20000. For what? Why is he charging from me anything? Also he never indicated me that I will be charged any thing? Why did not Lawrato indicated me that Lawyer will charge me 5000 Rs.?
Feb 12
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