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Reviews (4)

neeraj kumar - Verified Client
The meeting was very helpful and informative.
Aug 03
shailendra singh - Verified Client
The advocate was very cooperative and helpful.
Jul 05
Nishat - Verified Client
Your service is just waste of money. After payment it needed a lot of effort to talk with lawyer in my case. Finally when I called him on scheduled time he was busy and told me that he would ring me back after sometime. So he rang me after 2 hr and talked with me for not more than 15 mins . Although he discussed about the case but I was not satisfied as it was very short and he was not interested in discussing it with detail. May b it was an average or unimportant case 4 him but 4 me it was a big deal . After this I consulted another lawyer and he listened me and advised me in a much better way without wasting a penny.
Nov 23
Bhawna - Verified Client
Consultation was not satisfying and not even satisfied with the suggestion also.
Apr 19
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