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एडवोकेट अविनाश वयाल

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कनॉट प्लेस, औरंगाबाद
18 साल
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Rezwan Khan - Verified Client
The lawyer could not help me with my issue. i explained the entire case to this lawyer however he promised he can do what i wanted legally, but even after his confirmation i was doubtful so i made the lawratto team speak to this lawyer again and lawratto team also confirmed that they spoke to this lawyer and he will do as i needed and this lawyer also was pressing me to transfer the payment in advance to him however the reality of this lawyer came up when my father spoke to him and it turned out that he could not do what he promised to do. I was only lucky that i did not transfer him any money in advance otherwise i would have been stuck with him without getting my work done as i needed.
Mar 19
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