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Reviews (3)

Sumeet Singh - Verified Client
I had consulted Adv. Atulay Nehra in a property case. He was extremely precise & accurate about his knowledge. He first heard my entire case, weighed all pros and cons from a legal perspective and then gave me a solution instead of pushing me to take his services. His knowledge and solutions were way beyond my imagination which demonstrates his deep research and experience. I am really very thankful to LawRato team that Mr. Nehra was appointed to me as my consultant. He gave me 3 hours versus 1 hour which I originally paid for. I absolutely had no glitch in paying more for his excellent services but his focus was not to mint money instead he genuinely focused in getting me out of trouble. In terse, I am thankful and grateful to LawRato and Mr. Nehra for all the help.
Dec 26
Prashant - Verified Client
Meeting was very good and satisfying .He guided me well in my matter .
May 11
Manish kumar - Verified Client
Advice given by Adv. Atulay Nehra was really good for my startup business implementing it as well.
Dec 17
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