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Sangeeth Reddy - Verified Client
I called the lawer. It was a 4 minute discussion and i already know the details i got to know from the lawyer before calling him. So technically that was a waste of time and money. I want a refund for that actually which you guys don’t give because like all other websites you’re committed to gain on fraud activities. Next thing, i sent all the documents to the lawyer, he asked me rupees 11,000 to just send a legal notice and told me he is ready to bargain the amount that need to be paid. What is that? I thought Lawreto and people who they choose for helpig clients are professional but they are not. I am never going to vidit or recommendf Lawrato nor the lawyer. I have got this legal notice sent already in 2 days with almost 75% less than what this fella asked from a different website and they are very professional!
Nov 15
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